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Steel Technical Information

VPS steel structures are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the 1997 Uniform Building Code / IBC2000. All steel tubing and plates are finished with a minimum of 2.5 to 3.5 mil thick, UV-inhibited, weather-resistant powder coat. Where size of structure or determined loads require larger structural steel members or steel greater than 7-gauge thickness, carbon steel may be substituted. Cleaning and coating of carbon steel conforms to the following:

  • A degreasing agent is applied to remove surface oil and grease.
  • An acid-phosphate wash is applied to etch and prepare the surface for powder-coating, where wall thickness requires preheating.
  • Steel members are to be preheated prior to powder coat application to assure adhesion.

All carbon structural steel shall be ASTM A-36, except pipe columns, which shall be ASTM A-53, Grade B, unless otherwise noted. Slip fittings are manufactured using drawn-over-mandrel steel with minimum yield strength of 70 ksi and a minimum tensile strength of 80 ksi. Steel telescoped sleeves will not have more than 1/16” tolerance, with no less than 4” overlap at all sleeves. All internal fittings are welded on one side. Structural steel is detailed, fabricated, and erected in accordance with AISC specifications. All shop and certified welders following procedures published in the latest edition of the American Welding Society specifications, execution for field welding. Shop connections are welded unless otherwise noted. Field connections are separately indicated on all drawings. All welds are performed using E70 electrodes or gas-metal arc welding using ER 7053 wire. All fillet welds are a minimum 3/16” unless otherwise noted. All steel shall be welded shut at terminations to prevent internal leakage.

*Over 180 custom powder coat colors are available; additional charges apply. Please contact your VPS representative for more information. Actual colors may vary slightly from those displayed.

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Fabric Technical Information

  • Raw material - high-density polyethylene with Ultra Violet (UV) additives
  • Construction - monofilament and tape construction providing a stable material
  • Knit Type - Rachel-knitted to ensure material will not unravel if cut
  • Finish - Fabric is stentored
  • Tear Strength - Warp: 220.4622 lbs
  • Tear Strength - Weft: 462.9707 lbs
  • Burst Strength - 37.7098 PSIA
  • Fabric Mass - 6.8784 ozm
  • Fabric Width - 9.8425 ft
  • Roll Length - 164.04 ft
  • Roll Dimensions - 62.99” x 16.6354”
  • Roll Weight - +/- 66 lbs
  • Fading - Minimal after 5 years
  • Minimum Temperature - -22º F
  • Maximum Temperature - +176º F
  • Life Expectancy - Minimum of 8 years
  • Thread Specifications

  • High strength
  • Low shrinkage
  • Wide temperature range
  • Flex and abrasion resistant, and UV radiation immunity
  • Thread is guaranteed to meet or exceed the fabric’s lifetime
  • Thread is unaffected by cleaning agents, acid rain, mildew, rot, chlorine, saltwater, and industrial pollutants
  • Lockstitch thread ~ 1200 Denier
  • Chainstitch thread ~ 2400 Denier
  • Sewing Specifications

    All corners to be strengthened with 16 ounce non-tear vinyl material and protective webbing is sewn into all areas where steel cable enters/exits fabric pockets